You are very welcome to join the group of local people who meet monthly to discuss matters of local history. It is a very friendly, informal gathering at which we share our interests and ask questions of others who might know the answers we seek.

This year we are focused on the impact of World War 1 on Grasmere: its people and its landscape. We have discussed, for example, how Grasmere lost a higher proportion than average of the men and women who served in the war, and that only one woman’s name appears on the Grasmere War memorial.

The war affected many aspects of community life – events in the hall declined, the Rushbearing band lacked men to play in it, and the women took on roles to support life at home and the men at the front. On the other hand, weddings continued, the sheep were clipped and the local council discussed disputes which seem to us absurdly trivial in comparison to world events. Each week we discuss new findings by those reading the archives of the local newspapers.

We are holding events as part of the Wordsworth Trust’s main programme: join us at Grasmere Church on the 3rd August for an organ recital in memory of Nellie Taylor, the only woman to be named on the War Memorial, and in the Jerwood Centre on 4th August for words and music to mark the centenary of the beginning of the war.

We are working towards an exhibition to be displayed in the Wordsworth Museum from mid November onwards. In addition, we are developing a website of our findings – this is still in its early stages, but can be viewed by clicking here.

Please come and join us. Phone Jeff Cowton 015394 35544 for details of our next gathering.