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Part of: Saturday Talks


For the Love of Prints

Jerwood Centre

18 February 2017
2.00 - 5.00pm
£5 per person

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In 2015 we celebrated For the Love of Books, in 2016 we celebrated For the Love of Watercolours, in 2017 it is time to celebrate For the love of Prints.

We welcome an expert in the field to share with us his own love of prints and collecting.  Donald Coverdale is the owner of a large collection of James Gillray caricatures and he will discuss the manner in which this great caricaturist portrayed his subjects and the way in which his satire sometimes changed over the years as a result of political influence and shifts in public opinion. He produced many memorable caricatures of the politicians of the day including William Pitt the Prime Minister, Charles James Fox the leader of the Opposition and Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Some of his best known prints featured Napoleon and Royalty – the Prince of Wales being a particular target – and Donald will produce fine examples of these to illustrate his talk.

There will be an opportunity to examine a considerable number of original prints and he will explain the different techniques used by Gillray in the etching and engraving process to achieve some of his classic images.

All are welcome at this conversational, round-table event to learn and share ideas.

Cost: £5

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