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Part of: Fun for Families

Family activities

Making Sounds with Wordsworth

The Foyle Room, opposite Dove Cottage

01 June 2017
2.00 - 4.00pm

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On Thursday afternoons in the school holidays we explore life in Dove Cottage and the Lake District in Wordsworth’s time through creative art and crafts activities.  This summer you can have a go at a wide variety of things, from making paper flowers to learning how to make a rag rug to constructing your own Dove Cottage from papier-mâche. 

If you take a moment to stop and listen when you are out and about in the Lake District, you’ll find it is a much noisier place than you might think.  To complement an exciting new exhibition in the museum all about natural sounds we will explore sound in our own way by making some percussion instruments, playing some sound games and creating soundtracks to some of Wordsworth’s most famous poems.

Activities for children age 3+ with their families. 

Cost: FREE

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Family Activities