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Wordsworth & Environmental Change

Dove Cottage & Garden

05 December 2017
2.00 - 3.00pm

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We are very privileged to be able to use the houseplace of Dove Cottage as the Wordsworth family did – as a place to share a cup of tea and slices of toast together, accompanied by lively conversation and an opportunity to learn something new. There are twelve Dove Cottage Tuesdays talks this winter, six in December and six in February, and each discussion will be led by Wordsworth Trust staff on a topic of their choice. This afternoon, Education Trainee Sally Toon will talk about Wordsworth and environmental change. 

In many ways Wordsworth’s poetry can be seen as a great celebration of the natural world but also as a detailed exploration of man’s relationship with nature and the importance of protecting the landscapes around us. Sally will discuss Wordsworth’s views concerning the environment alongside the development of the National Park movement before highlighting the major issues being faced by the natural landscapes of the Lake District today, from climate change to tourism, and what is being done to manage them.

Cost: £7 (including tea and toast)

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