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The Immortal Dinner: the Arts and Social Networking in Regency England

Dove Cottage & Garden

19 December 2017
2.00 - 3.00pm

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We are very privileged to be able to use the houseplace of Dove Cottage as the Wordsworth family did – as a place to share a cup of tea and slices of toast together, accompanied by lively conversation and an opportunity to learn something new. There are twelve Dove Cottage Tuesdays talks this winter, six in December and six in February, and each discussion will be led by Wordsworth Trust staff on a topic of their choice. This afternoon, Retail Supervisor Dean Hines will talk about the complex social networking customs of Wordsworth's time.

‘I never passed a more delightful day, and I am convinced that nothing in Boswell is equal to what came out of these Poets,’ so wrote the eccentric history painter Benjamin Robert Haydon in his journal 28th December 1817. He had just hosted a gathering to introduce the aspiring Keats to Wordsworth, an evening of dining, debate and much drinking.  Haydon’s words offer a modern audience a first-hand insight into the Regency world of social networking. Deanwill discuss how such informal gatherings were a vital opportunity for writers and artists and explore the event in the larger context of artistic gatherings of the era.

Cost: £7 (including tea and toast)

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