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Wordsworth's Times: Read All About It

Dove Cottage & Garden

20 February 2018
11.00am - 12.00pm

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We are very privileged to be able to use the houseplace of Dove Cottage as the Wordsworth family did – as a place to share a cup of tea and slices of toast together, accompanied by lively conversation and an opportunity to learn something new. There are twelve Dove Cottage Tuesdays talks this winter, six in December and six in February, and each discussion will be led by Wordsworth Trust staff on a topic of their choice. This afternoon, Hazel Clarke, Senior Guide at Dove Cottage, will tell us more about one of the most interesting features of Dove Cottage - newspaper as wallpaper in an upstairs bedroom.

The walls of Dove Cottage’s ‘newspaper room’, covered with newspaper from the early 1800s, are a treasure trove of information from the world beyond Grasmere.  National news stories bring to life the issues of the day, while a range of personal adverts provide a unique window into day-to-day life.  Questions arise as we read the words on the walls: why did someone attempt to kill the king?  Who won the lottery?  Was Chloe the lost spaniel ever found? Hazel will show us round the newspaper room and build up a picture of the times in which the Wordsworths lived.

Cost: £7 (including tea and toast)

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