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Poems on the theme of 'Reimagining Wordsworth'

The Birthwaite Bards are a group of poets established two years ago with Harriet Fraser of the Wordsworth Trust, who led bi-weekly sessions where up to eight retired poets and writers were guided to develop their interests and skills.  Kathleen McEgan has been a part of this continuing group. She hails from Liverpool. Following the theme […]

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Another Solitary Reaper

The Parkhill Poets are a group of writers who meet together every week at Copeland Occupational and Social Centre (COSC) in Maryport, a social and day care centre for adults with physical disabilities. Over the past 10 years they have enjoyed each other’s company, shared their ideas and experience and written poetry both individually and […]

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The Wordsworth birthday poetry competition

We’ve never run a competition like this on the blog before and we’ll definitely do it again, because we’ve been delighted at how many people have sent us their work. There are some really lovely short pieces here, and some very creative explorations of Wordsworth himself, the Lakes he loved, and the themes that inspire […]

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