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Women behind the words

Melissa Mitchell, Assistant Curator at the Wordsworth Trust, talks about a new digital exhibition at Grasmere William Wordsworth was a lucky man. In his sister Dorothy, his wife Mary, and his daughter Dora, he had an endless supply of encouragement and love. Together, they were homemakers, a support network – but perhaps more remarkably, they were […]

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Sara Hutchinson, Coleridge's 'Asra'

by Adam Roberts ‘Asra’ was Coleridge’s private name for Sara Hutchinson (1775-1835). There she is, in the image below (from Richard Holmes’s Coleridge: Darker Reflections, 1998); on the left Wordsworth’s own silhouette of her, and on the right a figure from Ciro Ferri’s ‘The Marriage of Boas and Ruth’, that Coleridge saw in Bolton Abbey in […]

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Did Wordsworth really betray Coleridge?: The strange events of 27th December 1806

by Adam Roberts Coleridge wrote two poems with the title ‘Ad Vilmum Axiologum’ (‘To William Wordsworth’); one in English and another in Latin. The title includes a  piece of Greek wordplay: ἀξία or ἀξίος (‘the worth or value of a thing’  L&S) plus λόγων (genitive plural of λόγος, word); hence ἀξίο-λόγων,  the worth or value of […]

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