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'A deep Romantic chasm': exploring the valley where Coleridge wrote Kubla Khan

by Peter Fiennes   It interests me, the idea that the spirit of a person lingers in a place long after they are gone. You can feel them in their homes, soon after they’ve died (or after they’ve left – we don’t have to kill them off…), although you could say that what we’re sensing […]

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Coleridge’s Kubla Khan: What happens next?

by Adam Roberts Let’s take Coleridge at his word, and believe that ‘Kubla Khan‘ was originally  going to be a much longer poem. The work’s celebrated preface dates composition to ‘the summer of the year 1797’, in ‘a lonely farm house between Porlock and Linton’. Coleridge says he read ‘the  following sentence, or words of […]

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