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Romanticism in painting

by Simon Court What is it that distinguishes the Romantic view of the world from others? It is the importance which is placed on individuals who, inspired by the emotive power of imagination, perceive and order the world through their own senses. In doing so they reach an understanding of both nature and themselves. Whether […]

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Keats and ‘Negative Capability’

by Lucy Tutton It was in December 1817, in a letter to his brothers, that we see John Keats first use the term Negative Capability. He set out what he believed was necessary to become what he called a “Man of Achievement” or one who is “capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries and doubts without […]

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Wordsworthian Romance: 'Into a dazzling cavern'

This post is a shortened version of the Jonathan Wordsworth Memorial Lecture given by Professor Frederick Burwick, at  Grasmere on February 21st 2015.  You can see a film of the whole talk below.   In the eighteenth century, the term ‘Romantic’ was applied to a literary resurgence of wild narratives similar to those popular in the aristocratic circles of […]

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