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Coleridge in Wales at the Hay Literary Festival: Walking with Coleridge, Wordsworth and Thelwall

by Elsa Hammond ‘What has Coleridge got to do with Wales?’ This was the question most frequently posed by interested audience members, participants, walkers, and passers-by during the Coleridge in Wales events at the Hay Literary Festival this year. In June 1794 Coleridge departed Cambridge to spend the summer on a walking tour of Wales. […]

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Romantic readings: Robert Southey’s The Cataract of Lodore

by Andrew Ray By the early 1820s Robert Southey, Poet Laureate, was writing serious historical books, reading Montaigne, teaching himself Danish and remarking that ‘my career as a poet is almost at an end’. But in 1823 he published ‘The Cataract of Lodore’, a poem that illustrates a more playful side of his personality. He […]

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Coleridge and the Pantisocratic pipe-dream

by Simon Court One of the more spectacular experiments to emerge from the early Romantic movement was the idea of “Pantisocracy” which was the brain-child of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, assisted by his fellow poet and friend Robert Southey, who with youthful enthusiasm devised in 1794 a highly ambitious utopian scheme for an egalitarian society. Akin […]

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