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Romantic readings: Childe Harold, by Lord Byron

by Francesca Blanch Serrat Lord Byron left England in April 1816 after he and his wife Annabella Milbanke had begun separation proceedings. The whole of English society had risen with a commotion over Byron’s alleged misconduct toward Lady Byron and his presumed incestuous relationship with his half-sister Augusta Leigh. Those who up to that moment […]

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Boxing with Byron

 by David Snowdon To day I have been very sulky – but an hour’s exercise with Mr. Jackson of pugilistic memory – has given me spirits & fatigued me into that state of languid laziness which I prefer to all other. Lord Byron, letter 8th April 1814 The ‘exercise’ referred to is pugilistic sparring, and […]

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The romance of the Romantics

by Carl Rollyson In graduate school at the University of Toronto I had the splendid opportunity to study with Kathleen Coburn, the great Coleridge scholar who was then editing his notebooks. If I had not already committed myself to writing a dissertation about William Faulkner under the guidance of Michael Millgate, I would gladly have […]

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Making the film ‘Swimming with Byron’

by Christopher Flynn About 12 years ago I started working on a series of pieces related to Romantic tourism. Not the tours the Romantics took, but my own wandering in their wake. Narcissistic, yes, but as many have pointed out, the Romantics started the navel gazing we all do now so persistently. Keats may have […]

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Bears, badgers and Boatswain: Lord Byron and his animals

By Tiffany Francis I remember discussing Byron with my fellow undergrads in the Students’ Union one morning; we were immersed in a module on Romanticism, and had just retired from a lecture on Don Juan. Several coffees later, we had arrived at two conclusions. Firstly, we were desperately in love with him; secondly, we were […]

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