Jerwood Centre
7.30 - 9.00pm

We welcome Cumbrian based poets Geraldine Green and Kerry Darbishire, to take you on a journey of seasons, sounds and tastes from their new collections published this year by Indigo Dreams.  In Passing Through, Green weaves together strands of autobiography, landscape and inward journeying – writing that interprets modern pastoral, elemental and contemporary in all its facets with sensuality and richness, poems that glimpse her part of this beautiful vulnerable planet.  In Distance Sweet on my Tongue, Darbishire garners a past childhood heady with scent and colour, lost lives, rivers and mountains. She presents a meditative journey from Cumbria to Mallerstang Moors to Connemara and the shops of Milan, like striations caught in time, deftly unravelling them before your eyes.

Cost: Free

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