Jerwood Centre

When we think of great works of literature, we sometimes picture serious tomes written by serious writers: unapproachable, historic…and on occasion, deeply daunting!

In this series of talks we travel back to when the Romantic authors were just starting out. Some were already establishing a reputation, others were yet to make a name for themselves, but all were creating work that would survive and thrive over the passing centuries…and none of them would have been able to imagine the impact that they still have today. Reading their works while the ink was still fresh, and hearing them for the first time, were experiences that couldn’t be matched – until now.

Our talks will introduce you to this diverse set of influential writers through the very best bits of their work. Ideal if you are new to these authors – and a pleasure for everyone to hear the words aloud, read by people who know them very well indeed. Our speakers will set aside their lecture notes, reading to you from original 200-year-old books, surrounded by beautiful early editions of all the Romantic authors…and we’ve even given them the option of doing it in character!

In this talk Professor Simon Bainbridge of Lancaster University will introduce you to the writing of Lord Byron: Nobleman, poet, politician, and supporter of Greek independence.

Cost: £5

Tickets for this event are available online through Quay Tickets. Online booking closes at midnight the day before the event. If you would like to book a ticket on the day of the event, please contact the Wordsworth Trust directly.

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