Are you between 12 and 21 years old? Enjoy creative writing?  Want to join a free new poetry group?

Dove Cottage Young Poets meet regularly on Fridays between 3.45-5.30pm at The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal, to read, discuss and write poetry with contemporary Poet Kim Moore.  Young writers can also work towards an Bronze, Silver or Gold Arts Award, attend poetry events, and meet other young writers from across the country.

Contact Bernadette Calvey or Kim Moore for further details.

Do you love words?
Do you know their worth?
Do you love the way you can wield words, weave them into worlds,
Find new angles, twist and tangle them into poems?
Growing free-flowing, rhymes rolling off the tip of your tongue.
Make it strong, find a place your voice belongs.
Come along to Dove Cottage Young poets,
Make others sit up and take notice.
Write some potent spoken word,
Feel the vigour of your verse, let your lyrics live, get heard.
Every Friday down in Kendal, we assemble, learn the poetry essentials,
With brand new friends and mentors, with missives to make you ponder in wonder,
For no one ever wanders lonely in a crowd,
Share your words loud, a lot, shout them out loud.

Megan Beech

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.