Poems by Hannah Hodgson

I have been a member of Dove Cottage Young Poets for a year now. It has been really instrumental in developing my confidence - and actually making me feel as though poetry is what I want to do with my life. We are given poems to read at each session and then asked to write something. I find it brilliant and have written some of my favourite things in the group. I was young poet in residence at the Kendal poetry festival and poet in residence at the Lakes Alive festival, and have also submitted poems to places and been published! These are all huge life moments that I wouldn't have accessed without this wonderful group!


The waiting room
with tinned bean people.
The Doctor revealed
about my body.
Next noise
       car door slam,
hum of engine.
Journey home through
         stunned eyes.
         into tired diamonds
on the motorway.



I’m here thanks to break time crosswords,
library door bouncers.
I’m here because of polite encouragement,
mythical worlds marked like exam papers.
I’m here due to an email, received
when loneliness was a painting of me.
I’m here absorbing sunlight,
constructing letters into thoughtful skyscrapers.