Submission Guidelines

In submitting pamphlets for consideration for the Michael Marks Awards for Poetry Pamphlets, entrants agree to be bound by these guidelines. Please read these rules carefully before submitting.

It is the responsibility of the poet/publisher to read these guidelines and ensure that submissions are eligible. Ineligible submissions will not be considered. No correspondence will be entered into regarding ineligible submissions and they will not be returned. If in doubt, check eligibility with the Awards Administrator prior to submission.


For each Award the following entrant rules apply:


1. Eligibility

a) The definition of pamphlet includes pamphlets, chapbooks, art books and non-traditional book formats. The Awards aim to stimulate printed publications, so ebooks are not eligible. Publications with spines are acceptable provided other conditions of eligibility are met. Please contact the Awards Administrator if you are unsure of eligibility.

b) Publications must have no more than 36 pages, excluding covers but including blank pages, title page, notes, illustrations, etc. Publications with more pages than this will not be eligible. There is no lower page limit. For the purposes of page count, coloured endpapers will be considered part of the cover.

c) Single poems, single author collections, joint author publications, translations and anthologies are all eligible provided the other conditions of eligibility are met.

d) Self-published work can be submitted.

e) An ISBN is not required.

f) There are no upper or lower limits on publication price.

g) Regularly published magazines or journals are not eligible.

h) Poems must not have been published before in pamphlet or book form. They may have been published in magazines.

i) Posthumous work is eligible only if published within a year of the poet’s death and during the period from July 2016 to the end of July 2017.

j) Only pamphlets published in the United Kingdom between 1st July 2016 and 31st July 2017 are eligible. No pamphlet can be submitted to the Michael Marks Awards in more than one year.

k) The Michael Marks Awards are not open to employees of the Wordsworth Trust, the British Library or the Times Literary Supplement.


2. Procedure

a) Titles must be submitted in printed published form and an entry form included for each Award you wish to enter. For the Poetry Award, five copies of each pamphlet submitted, together with a completed entry form, must be received at the submission address by 4.00pm on Wednesday 13th September. Multiple titles can be entered on one submission form.

For the Publishers’ Award there is no need to include additional copies of the Pamphlet, but four copies of a completed Publishers’ Award entry form must be submitted in addition to the Poetry Award entry form.

To enter for the Illustration Award an additional copy of the pamphlet must be submitted, making six copies in total. Two copies of an Illustration Award Entry Form must be completed as well as the other form(s).

b) The closing date is final and entries received after this will not be considered.

c) Entry forms are available at

d) All submissions will be acknowledged by email. Please allow two weeks for acknowledgement.

e) Entry to the Michael Marks Awards is free.

f) No entries will be returned. Of the five/six copies of each title submitted, one copy will be sent to each of the judges, one copy will be held for administrative purposes and one will be offered to the Printed Literature Collections of the British Library. The permanent inclusion in the British Library collections is at the discretion of the British Library.


3. The Judging Process

a) The shortlist and winners in the Poetry and Publishers’ categories shall be chosen by the panel of three judges.

b) The shortlist will be announced in November 2017 on the Wordsworth Trust website. No correspondence will be entered into prior to the official announcement.

c) The winner of each award will be announced at a special dinner at the British Library on the evening of 12th December 2017. All shortlisted poets/publishers and the winner of the Illustration Award will be invited to read/speak at this event.

d) The judges’ decision shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


4. Publicity

Entrants grant the organisers of the Michael Marks Awards for Poetry Pamphlets permission to use poems from the submitted pamphlets for publicity purposes, in printed, electronic and audio form, for up to one year following the shortlisting of the Awards. Material for this will be decided by the judges, but this will not exceed one poem or equivalent extract from a longer work. Copyright remains with the authors. Publishers and poets should be willing to participate in publicising the Awards.


5. Further Rules for the Poetry Award

a) Where the winning work is by more than one author the award will be shared proportionally between the authors or, in the case of posthumous entry, the author’s estate.

b) Where the winning work is a new translation the award will be shared according to the contractual arrangements between the original author and translator.

c) The CHS residency will be offered for specific dates. The award is not transferable and no alternative will be offered. In the event of the winner not being unable to accept the offered dates, the residency will be offered to another shortlisted poet at the discretion of the judges.


6. Further Rules for the Publishers’ Award

a) Entrants to the Publishers’ Award should submit all eligible pamphlets published between 1st July 2016 and 31st July 2017. Each pamphlet submitted should meet conditions of eligibility for individual pamphlets and should also be entered for the Poetry Award.

b) There is no minimum number of pamphlets that the Publisher needs to have published during the eligible period

c) For the Publishers’ Award publishers are asked to make a submission to the judges, on the appropriate form, under the following headings:

1. Pamphlet publishing – a brief description of the pamphlet publishing programme for the eligible period, accompanied by a statement of the pamphlet publisher’s publishing philosophy, aims, strategy and future plans (no more than 500 words).

2. Design and printing - a brief statement of the design and print criteria employed by the pamphlet publisher, which will be looked at by the judges in conjunction with the submitted pamphlets published during the eligible period (no more than 300 words).

3. Promotion - a brief statement of the pamphlet publisher’s sales and promotional strategy and activities during the eligible period, and the results achieved (no more than 300 words). Each publisher should submit four completed copies of the Publisher’s Entry Form.


7. Further rules for the Illustration Award

a) Entries for the Illustration Award must include an additional copy of the pamphlet, which will be forwarded to the Judge for the Illustration Award. Any entry must also be submitted for the Poetry Award and meet the overall conditions for entry to the Awards.

b) All illustrations must be original and the work of the named illustrator. They should have been created for the specific purpose of illustrating the poetry pamphlet.

c) All entries should be accompanied by a brief statement about the medium chosen for the illustration, on the appropriate entry form. Each entry should be accompanied by two copies of the entry form.

d) There will be no shortlist announced for this Award. The overall winner will be contacted prior to the Awards event, and invited to attend, but the name of the winner will be embargoed until the Awards event.


8. Enquiries and Submissions


All enquiries and submissions should be sent to:

The Michael Marks Awards, PO Box 330, Aughton, Ormskirk, Lancashire L39 5DY


Download submission forms at


* Please note. Parcelforce has had trouble delivering to PO Box addresses. Please ensure your courier service is able to deliver to a PO Box.