About the Project

Reimagining Wordsworth will create new ways of telling the story of Wordsworth’s life and poetry in the place where he found “Perfect Contentment, Unity entire”.

The Wordsworth Museum will be expanded and modernised, with stunning views of the surrounding fells, giving visitors the chance to stop and reflect on the landscape that inspired Wordsworth.

Dove Cottage will become more authentic and atmospheric, a step back in time in which visitors can feel a sense of both the everyday and the inspirational.

There will be new outdoor spaces for people to explore, including a sensory garden and the ‘Wildwood’, where the spectacle of the changing seasons can be enjoyed throughout the year.

A redesigned café and terrace overlooking Dove Cottage will make the hamlet of Town End a place to relax and enjoy a cup of tea in unique surroundings.

People of all ages and abilities will be able to take part in year-round events and workshops in a new learning centre.

Inspiring new activities will take Wordsworth’s poetry out to communities across Cumbria, following Wordsworth’s wish that his poetry will make us “wiser, better and happier”.


Please drag or scroll through the pictures below to find out more.  Images have been produced by our architects, Purcell, and our Interpretation Designer, Nissen Richards Studio.

We should always remember the fundamental concepts of Romanticism: ideas, feelings and things.
- Jeff Cowton, Curator, the Wordsworth Trust

Individuals from all walks of life can be inspired by the power of poetry. Reimagining Wordsworth will give us the chance to create new spaces and opportunities to bring people closer to poetry, both at Dove Cottage and across Cumbria.

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Wordsworth’s poetry had a huge impact in his own time and is still hugely relevant today. Reimagining Wordsworth will bring his writing to life, shining a light on his creative processes and constant search for perfection. New exhibitions, digital technology and outdoor spaces will combine to bring Wordsworth’s writing into the 21st century.

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Reimagining Wordsworth will celebrate the powerful connection between Wordsworth’s writing and the inspirational landscape of the Lake District. Visitors will be able to step back into Wordsworth’s time and become immersed in the unique atmosphere of Town End.

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Reimagining Wordsworth is possible thanks to the generous help of our supporters.

Reimagining Wordsworth is being developed by Trustees and staff of the Wordsworth Trust with help from specialist advisers.