Our Team


Reimagining Wordsworth is being developed by Trustees and staff of the Wordsworth Trust with help from specialist advisers.


Project management: Appleyard & Trew
Architect: Purcell
Interpretation and design: Nissen Richards Studio
Structural engineers: Civic Engineers
Mechanical and electrical consultants: Max Fordham
Landscape architect: Optimised Environments
Conservation planning: Purcell, Victoria Stevens ACR
Learning & activity planning: Emma Parsons and Debbie Walker
Access: Access–Enable
Evaluation: Jane Davies Cultural Learning Consultants
Market research:
 Morris Hargreaves McIntyre; Qa Research Ltd
Business planning: Amion Consulting
Cost consultancy: Appleyard & Trew
CDM principal design: Currie & Brown
Public relations:
Four Communications
Fundraising strategy: Impact Fundraising
Branding: Nissen Richards Studio

Western culture’s preoccupation with identity and the self; the linguistic turn of much current theory; the interest in power and politics and nationhood; the return to history; environmental issues – all of these dominant features of the cultural landscape of the last half-century have been mapped across the terrain of Wordsworth’s poetry and prose.
Stephen Gill, Wordsworth biographer and Fellow of the Wordsworth Trust -