Wordsworth is so connected to the Lake District that this beautiful corner of England was once known as ‘Wordsworth Country’.  Uniquely, his manuscripts still remain in Grasmere, and Wordsworth is the only major writer whose work can be seen where it was first written.

Reimagining Wordsworth will make it easier for visitors to immerse themselves in the unique location of Town End and to draw inspiration and enjoyment from it, just as Wordsworth did.

“And now ‘tis mine, perchance for life, dear Vale,

Beloved Grasmere (let the wandering streams

Take up, the cloud-capt hills repeat, the Name)

One of thy Lowly dwellings is my Home.”

– William Wordsworth, Home at Grasmere

Benefits for place

As soon as I saw Dove Cottage, I felt adventurous
Young visitor to Dove Cottage -