From behind-the-scenes glimpses at our collection and all the hard work and care that goes into caring for it, to recordings of events or poetry readings, we are continually updating this page with new intriguing and entertaining videos.  Keep checking back to make sure that you are up to date with all the goings on here at the Wordsworth Trust!

Grasmere Journal & 'The Prelude': William and Dorothy Wordsworth's notebook

This small notebook was used by William and Dorothy Wordsworth between 1798 and 1802. Look inside, and you will find entries from Dorothy's Grasmere ...

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'Our Place' by Kendal Primary Poets

Take a minute to listen to 'Our place' - a poem written and performed by pupils from Kendal Primary Schools as part of the very first Kendal Primary Poetry ...

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Getting Started with Plastic Free July

Find out what we chatted about at our Plastic Free July information event and see some of the tips we exchanged for reducing our use of single use plastic!

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How to Reduce Single Use Plastic

Watch for some ideas and tips on how you can reduce your single use plastic habit. Be part of the solution! William Wordsworth believed we should live in ...

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J.M.W Turner in the Lake District

Dean Hines talks about two J.M.W Turner watercolours in our collection here at the Wordsworth Trust. Turner, famed English Romantic Painter, visited the Lake ...

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Tuesday Treasures: Catherine Ann Bothamley's Sketchbook

Take a look at this beautiful sketchbook, created by Catherine Ann Bothamley on her 1840 tour of the Lake District. #TuesdayTreasures. The Jerwood Centre ...

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Ullswater Walk, Lake District

Ullswater: a beautiful lake that inspired some of Wordsworth's best-loved poetry, including the daffodils poem 'I wandered lonely as a Cloud'. Follow in ...

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Tuesday Treasures: Cottonian Bindings

To protect some of the family's more delicate books, Southey's daughters bound volumes in cotton using old dresses and spare material. These books made up ...

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Twelfth Night performed by Roose School // Shakespeare Week

Pupils from Roose School (Barrow-in-Furness) perform Twelfth Night at Blackwell Arts and Craft House for Shakespeare week 2019. Triumphant Return by ...

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Tuesday Treasures: Mary Wordsworth's Recipe Book

Ellie shows us one of Mary Wordsworth's recipe books for today's Tuesday Treasures. #TuesdayTreasures The Jerwood Centre, our state-of-the-art library and ...

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Cabinet of Curiosities

Tarot cards, Napoleon's wallpaper, riddles and a mummified frog? Take a look in the Southey family's cabinet of curiosities... The Jerwood Centre, our ...

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Tuesday Treasures: Polidori's 'The Vampyre'

In this week's #TuesdayTreasures film, Esther takes a look at John William Polidori's 1819 novel 'The Vampyre'. This novel was originally attributed to Lord ...

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Dorothy Wordsworth's Rydal Journals

Dorothy Wordsworth is best known for the journal that she wrote in Grasmere, but many are unaware of the details of her life beyond it: her life as a remarkable ...

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Tuesday Treasures: Keats' Sonnet to Wordsworth

Written by Benjamin Robert Haydon in December 1816, this letter contains the very beginnings of the relationship between William Wordsworth and John Keats.

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'Home at Grasmere' extract by William Wordsworth

An extract from William Wordsworth's poem, 'Home at Grasmere', written in 1800 at Dove Cottage. Read by Hannah Britton. In 1799, William Wordsworth fell in ...

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Tuesday Treasures: Benjamin Robert Haydon's Sketch

Maddie shares the story behind Benjamin Robert Haydon's preliminary sketch for his great work 'Christ's Entry into Jerusalem' and the famous night of 'The ...

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Nick Makoha on William Wordsworth // New Perspectives

'Rarely do we ever get to really talk to ourselves. But poetry allows you to do that. Where do you really get to reflect? When does the self say: and what is going ...

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Tuesday Treasures: 'The Gardeners Kalendar'

This week's #TuesdayTreasure is Philip Miller's 1754 'The Gardeners Kalendar', and is brought to you by Ellie, Education Trainee. The Jerwood Centre, our ...

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Dorothy Wordsworth, 'A Small House in Grasmere'

In June 1808 Dorothy Wordsworth left her beloved home - Dove Cottage. How did she feel? These are words, thoughts and memories taken from her letters and ...

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Tuesday Treasures: Writing Box from Queen Victoria

This writing box was given to William Wordsworth's niece, Emmeline Fisher, by Queen Victoria. This #TuesdayTreasure is brought to you by Abby, one of our ...

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Reimagining Wordsworth

Let us talk you through our plans for Reimagining Wordsworth.

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Tuesday Treasures: Branwell Brontë's Letter to Wordsworth

Branwell Brontë, brother to Emily, Charlotte and Anne, wrote to William Wordsworth in 1837 to seek his advice. #TuesdayTreasures The Jerwood Centre, our ...

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How to Make Pace Eggs

Education Trainees, Hannah and Ellie, show you how to make your own Pace Eggs this Easter.

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'Kingdom of Gravity' by Nick Makoha

Nick Makoha, our April 2019 Poet in Residence, recites his poem 'Kingdom of Gravity'.

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Reimagining 'Resolution and Independence' by William Wordsworth

See how Wordsworth's poem, 'Resolution and Independence', is reimagined and performed using Makaton signing. This is part of a wider project, 'What Would ...

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'A Farewell' by William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth wrote 'A Farewell' in 1802, just before he was about to leave Dove Cottage for a few months with his sister Dorothy. In this poem ...

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Library Tour // Wordsworth Trust

Want to know what's on our shelves in the Reading Room? Then look no further...

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'I wandered lonely as a Cloud' (Daffodils) by William Wordsworth

It's springtime in Grasmere and the daffodils are out in Dove Cottage garden. Filmed in March 2019.

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What Would They Think?

What Would They Think: a film made by members of Allerdale COSC Day Centre and the Wordsworth Trust. Members of COSC, which provides a wide range of ...

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Celebrating the Life and Work of Iain Bain

Iain Bain will be best remembered as a world authority on 19th-century engraver Thomas Bewick. He built up an incredible collection of manuscripts, papers, ...

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Katie's Guide to Grasmere

Take a tour of Grasmere with February poet in residence Katie Hale as she shows us a few of her favourite places. Thank you to all of the organisations who ...

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Dr Anna Mercer on Keats & Shelley

Dr Anna Mercer, from Keats House Museum in London, explores some of our Keats and Shelley holdings here in the Jerwood Centre Reading Room, including ...

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Book Box Making

Our Trainees and Interns have been learning how to make protective boxes for some of the more fragile books in the Jerwood Centre library. Here's a how-to ...

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Packing Loans for the National Portrait Gallery

Our grateful thanks go to the National Portrait Gallery for making it possible to display these magnificent artworks in the Wordsworth Museum for the last 30 years ...

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Dove Cottage Garden // A Winter's Day

Filmed on 23 January 2019.

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