The museum and gallery has a huge collection of manuscripts, paintings and artefacts

See the hand-written journal entry for Wordsworth's famous daffodils

See some of our wonderful collection of paintings of Lake District landscapes

View original manuscripts written by Wordsworth and his comtemporaries

Amongst the items you will see during your visit is Wordsworth's suitcase

Discover William Wordsworth's early life, loves and travels

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The Wordsworth Museum is next door to Dove Cottage and there you will discover the greatest collection of the Wordsworths’ letters, journals and poems in the world.

Seeing these handwritten words, you can picture Wordsworth at work in Dove Cottage, transferring his ideas into words and onto paper, and witness his never-ending search for perfection.

Objects, maps, pictures and interactive displays will also help you to track the adventures that shaped Wordsworth’s life, thoughts and inspirations.


The first Wordsworth Museum was opened by the Poet Laureate, John Masefield, in 1936, in a converted barn opposite the Cottage. In 1950 the books and manuscripts were relocated to a converted smithy close to the cottage, and in 1981, due to the growth of the collection, a new and larger Grasmere and Wordsworth Museum was established in its present location, a converted two-storey coach house adjacent to Dove Cottage garden.

Now, the Trust is able to give the public an idea of the quality and scope of its collection by presenting books, manuscripts, paintings, watercolours and portraits - some of the greatest treasures from the age of Romanticism.


The museum also has a busy exhibition programme, every year mounting major shows on cultural themes. All these exhibitions draw, first of all, upon our own collection, and are an opportunity to consider less-familiar material, as well as to take a fresh approach to the familiar. They are also collaborative, in that they borrow from a large number of different sources.


Take a closer look at our collection of manuscripts, artefacts and paintings at one of our special events

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Worldmakers: Sarah Corbett, Emily Hasler, Alice Miller

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Family Yoga

The Foyle Room, opposite Dove Cottage
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Outdoor Explorer Thursdays

The Family Room in The Wordsworth Museum
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Must-see when you visit

The Jerwood Centre

The Jerwood Centre is where our collection is stored under controlled conditions and cared for. If you would like to be shown around please phone before you arrive to check that someone is available.

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Dove Cottage garden

Stroll around the Wordsworths' 'domestic slip of mountain'

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Wordsworth's skates

Wordsworth enjoyed skating on the frozen lakes of the county in the depths of winter. Two very different pairs of his skates survive and can be seen during your visit.

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Wordsworth's tea caddy

Tea was so precious that it was kept in a locked box like this one and Dorothy Wordsworth wrote that it was used at least twice. See if you can find it on your visit.

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