Visit Dove Cottage & The Wordsworth Museum

Discover how Wordsworth lived and explore his inspirational home.

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Visit Dove Cottage, the inspiring home of William Wordsworth.

Dove Cottage is set in the heart of the beautiful Lake District.

Stroll through the hamlet of Town End and imagine it over 200 years ago.

Explore the Wordsworth Museum and see what we can tell about how Wordsworth worked.

Discover the amazing collection of original manuscripts, paintings and artefacts.

Wander through the cottage garden where the family worked and played together.

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Explore the traditional Lakeland cottage and home of the famous poet William Wordsworth and discover what life was like at the turn of the 19th Century.

Dove Cottage was the first family home of Britain's greatest poet, William Wordsworth. He lived here 1799 - 1808, moving into the former pub initially with his sister. 

Settling in this enchanting place in the heart of his 'native mountains' meant that he was able to concentrate on writing and this period was his most inspired and productive.

Come and take an entertaining guided tour of the cottage, hear about day-to-day life for Wordsworth and his family, and about the extraordinary words written at the cottage.

Stroll in the garden he created with his sister, where he composed some of the greatest poetry in the English language.

Explore the Museum next door and find out what his life was like, where he travelled to, what he saw and why he was concerned about many of the things we worry about today.

See our special exhibitions, come to one of our events, treat yourself to a bit of retail therapy in our shop and enjoy wonderful food in our tea rooms.


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Dove Cottage Poets

The Foyle Room, opposite Dove Cottage
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Dove Cottage & Garden
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Simon Armitage

The Daffodil Hotel
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Must-see when you visit

The Jerwood Centre

The Jerwood Centre is where our collection is stored under controlled conditions and cared for. If you would like to be shown around please phone before you arrive to check that someone is available.

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Dove Cottage garden

Stroll around the Wordsworths' 'domestic slip of mountain'

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Wordsworth's skates

Wordsworth enjoyed skating on the frozen lakes of the county in the depths of winter. Two very different pairs of his skates survive and can be seen during your visit.

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Wordsworth's tea caddy

Tea was so precious that it was kept in a locked box like this one and Dorothy Wordsworth wrote that it was used at least twice. See if you can find it on your visit.

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