It started in 1799

In 1799, William Wordsworth fell in love with Dove Cottage and Grasmere whilst on a walking tour of the Lake District. Within a few months, he had set up home here in the hamlet of Town End with his sister Dorothy. It was whilst living here that Wordsworth produced the most famous and best-loved of his poems and Dorothy wrote her fascinating Grasmere journal.

An entertaining guided tour of Dove Cottage gives a vivid impression of what day-to-day life would have been like for Wordsworth and his family. This traditional Lakeland cottage, still filled with the Wordsworths’ personal possessions and warmed by glowing coal fires, creates an atmosphere that William and Dorothy would recognise as the place where they spent many years of ‘plain living and high thinking’.

An intriguing place
An intriguing place

There is something to intrigue people of all ages at Dove Cottage, as the story of the building and its inhabitants comes to life with unusual objects and hidden corners to be discovered.

I think these years have been the very happiest of my life
- Dorothy Wordsworth describing her time at Dove Cottage in a letter to Lady Beaumont in 1805
The Garden

Enjoy a stroll through the delightful fell-side garden created by Wordsworth and his sister, Dorothy.

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The Museum

Discover William Wordsworth’s remarkable life story through a unique collection of some of the greatest treasures from the Romantic age.

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