Take a stroll through the delightful fell-side garden behind Dove Cottage, which Wordsworth referred to as a ‘little domestic slip of mountain’.

The garden has been restored to the half-wild state that Wordsworth and Dorothy lovingly created from local plants and materials. It was a place of peace and inspiration for Wordsworth, who would often compose poetry outdoors.

Whether you see snowdrops in winter, daffodils and bluebells in spring, an abundance of wildflowers through summer, or the changing colours of the leaves in autumn, Dove Cottage garden is stunning in all seasons.

This enchanting spot, with breathtaking views over Grasmere Vale is the perfect place to slow down, relax and find your own inspiration in the landscape, just as Wordsworth would have done.

It was a sweet morning - Everything green & overflowing with life, & the streams making a perpetual song with the thrushes & all the little birds
Dorothy Wordsworth, Tuesday 20th May 1800, extract from her Grasmere journal -
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Dove Cottage

There is something to intrigue people of all ages at Dove Cottage, as the story of the building and its inhabitants comes to life with unusual objects and hidden corners to be discovered.

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