Donating from the USA?

To help our supporters in the United States, the Wordsworth Trust has partnered with the Chapel & York US Foundation. This partnership allows us to save on the costs required to operate our own 501(c)(3) non-profit while still giving you the opportunity to support the Wordsworth Trust with tax-deductible donations.

You can make online donations directly to the Chapel & York US Foundation. Select ‘The Wordsworth Trust’ from the dropdown list so that the Chapel & York US Foundation can be sure that the funds reach the organization of your choice. Donations are processed via Stripe or PayPal and are subject to a processing fee.

The Chapel & York US Foundation’s website also explains how to make gifts by wire transfer or check.

Contact the Chapel & York US Foundation with any queries (, or get in touch with our Development Manager Mark Bains for more information (0044 15394 63515, contact us).

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