Poems on the theme of 'Reimagining Wordsworth'

The Birthwaite Bards are a group of poets established two years ago with Harriet Fraser of the Wordsworth Trust, who led bi-weekly sessions where up to eight retired poets and writers were guided to develop their interests and skills.  Kathleen McEgan has been a part of this continuing group. She hails from Liverpool.
Following the theme of re-imagining Wordsworth, Kathleen wrote this poem inspired by The Solitary Reaper. She also made a solo excursion to Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Museum, and was quite moved by her experience. This resulted in the other two poems that follow. Harriet Fraser said of these:
“I like Kathy’s style and always when I read her poems I hear in my head her own voice speaking them. They are honest and matter of fact, and have a good rhythm. So to Kathy I say brilliant bravo and keep writing!
A Day in Grasmere made me smile because I thought that Wordsworth, perhaps, might have done the same – if the sun is shining why go inside when there is so much to see outside? And I was touched by Solitude: it’s honest and also challenges stereotypical views and assumptions.”


(Inspired by The Solitary Reaper by Wordsworth)
I never think of single as just oneness
But to other people it may look like loneliness
However for me after twenty three years married
It is merely my past I have carried
From a maiden to a wife, a happy being
To become the dreaded widow
Singing a song of single mind
The position I am in is what we find
One cannot predict what happens in time
I am now alone but getting on fine
People may not know that alone,
I now relax and feel at home
Surrounded by people who are alike

A Day In Grasmere

Today I went for a ride on the 555
The day was clear and bright
And the daffodils in Grasmere
Were a lovely sight
The visit to the village was good
Stop at Wordsworth Trust? I should!
But I decided to go there next time
As the weather had changed to rain from sunshine
The scenic view of the Easdales
Was so pleasant in the vale
Another beautiful mountain view
I have actually climbed a few.

Visit to Dove Cottage

I followed my day trip up
And returned to Grasmere
This time I went to Dove Cottage
Where Wordsworth once lived
It was actually his family home
And the chair he sat on
Looked just like a throne
It was once a small inn
For travelers too
His manuscripts
And those of his sister
Were there for all to see
And no one was more impressed than me
Kathleen McEgan May 2016